May Jewelry Sales Up 2% As Demand Shows Signs of Revival

May Jewelry Sales Up 2% As Demand Shows Signs of Revival Photo Jon Tyson

Mother’s Day jewelry sales signaled improved jewelry demand by US consumers. On the days leading to Mother’s day, sales value jumped 5%. May Jewelry sales rose 1.8% and the average expenditure increased 2%. Diamond prices rose 5.6%.

April Jewelry Sales Inch Up 1.3% YoY

April 2024 Jewelry Sales Inch Up 1.3% YoY - Tenoris market comments Photo Nick Karvounis

Total jewelry sales rose as consumers opted for higher-priced items in April. Lab-grown diamond price declines are forcing retailers to reconsider their strategies.

More Data, New Reports: Tenoris Completes Major Update

Updated Tenoris Finished Jewelry Report - Sales Trend 1

Tenoris has completed a major overhaul of its operations, adding retailers to its market sample and offering new ways to understand the US jewelry market. The jewelry and diamonds trend data company doubled the number of retailers in its jewelry retailer panel. Tenoris also introduced new ways to analyze the data and updated existing ones. This makes the data more closely aligned with the US specialty jewelry market and easier to research.

March Sales Weak, LGD Revenue Issues Continue

March Sales Weak, LGD Revenue Issues Continue - Tenoris April 2024 market comments

Economic pressures led consumers to reduce their expenses. March jewelry and diamonds sales declined 3%.

Retailers are experiencing a decrease in revenue from LGD and that will lead them to seek alternatives.

Tenoris made a significant update to its system. Check it out.

A Strong Valentine’s Day Boosted Jewelry Sales 1.4%

A Strong Valentines Day Boosted Jewelry Sales 1.4 percent - Tenoris

The overriding trend characterizing US jewelry sales in Valentine’s Day and February was that it was mixed. Natural diamond jewelry sales rose, but unit sales decreased. Loose natural diamonds sales generated a counter trend – a decrease in revenue while the number of units sold increased. Confused? The following breakdown provides some clarity, plus a […]

January Jewelry Sales Down 5%, Loose LG Revenue Marks First Fall

January 2024 jewelry sales down - Tenoris analysis

A disappointing start for the year. Overall US fine jewelry and diamond retail sales declined 5% in January. The decline in loose diamond sales, which accounts for more than 21% of retailers’ jewelry sales, was the primary cause of the decline.

For the first time, revenue from loose lab grown diamonds sales declined year over, as consumers spent less on per item, presenting a critical challenge for the LGD sector.