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More Data, New Reports: Tenoris Completes Major Update

April 19, 2024 /

Tenoris has recently completed a major update of its operations, adding retailers to its market sample and offering new ways to understand the US jewelry market.

The jewelry and diamonds trend data company has been busy upgrading its systems over the past few months. It began by adding a considerable number of retailers to its retailer panel. While at it, Tenoris added several new ways to analyze the data and tweaked several of our existing ones. This made the data more accurate and more closely aligned with the US specialty jewelry market.

Tenoris relocated to a new database to accommodate the additional data. While at it, Tenoris updated all of its reports and redesigned them. Now it is even easier to navigate and locate the information you need.

Updated Tenoris Finished Jewelry Report - Sales Trend 1

A Larger Retailer Panel

The total number of jewelry retailers in Tenoris’ full panel of retailers more than doubled and the number of jewelry stores has doubled.

This is the update to the common panel, the panel used for long-term trend analysis: The number of retailers expanded to 1,072, and the number of doors increased to 1,484. Their combined sales in 2023 were $3.91 billion, rising 41% from our previous panel.

In 2023, the common panel’s average jewelry sales by door were $2.56 million.

The panel’s revenue from jewelry and gemstone sales represents 5% of total US jewelry sales. Specifically, it accounts for 9% of US specialty jewelers’ jewelry sales.

In statistics-speak, this brings our margin of error to 2% at a confidence level of 99%. We can confidently suggest that Tenoris is the most accurate jewelry industry data source.

The Update Covers All Periods

All these changes to the panel and the updated data, the historic figures are all fully updated. Subscribers will find these updates, plus the latest March 2024 data in their reports.

If you have any questions about the updates or have any requests, we are a click away and available as always.

Chris and Edahn

About Tenoris

Tenoris collects retail sales data from a broad representative sample of US jewelry retailers. Tenoris subscribers include retailers, manufacturers, miners, and financial firms. They use this data to study everything from broad market trends to price prediction, assisting them in identifying changing trends and opportunities ahead of their competitors.

Tenoris can help improve your business through a better understanding of the US jewelry market. Contact us to discover how our reports provide comprehensive insights of the US jewelry market and how you can gain access to this data.


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